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President of the company

Nurym Abdykalykov– President of the company EnergyMax.

He proved that everyone can achieve success without start-up capital, by his example of building a business. In his young years, Nurym Abdykalykov went a long way from a loader and a security guard at a nightclub to the owner of 6 own companies.

  • Chairman of the Board of the Kazakhstan Association of Student Entrepreneurship;
  • General Director of the holding company "Topflight";
  • Co-founder of the company to study abroad "MIR GRANTOV";
  • Founder of the "ENTAPP" mobile application;
  • Founder of the MLM business automation service "Sponsor 24";
  • Founder of the travel agency"Business tour".

At the age of 20, he earned the first million tenge, and at 25 - the first million dollars.

He exactly knows how to make any entrepreneur the TOP leader of his company in the shortest possible time.



His numerous training, such as:

"The business on autopilot"

"10 ways to get 60 customers by the end of the week"

"How to sell without selling"

"Presentations without failures"

"Travel and earn money"

"Give me a million"

"Business without start-up capital"

"Magnet for investors"

"How to create an idea that is doomed to success"

- more than 5000 people have visited.

Each training of Nurym Abdykalykov is a concentration of motivation, drive and working technologies, about which 90% of MLM entrepreneurs are not aware!

It offers a completely new approach to business development. This is a combination of step-by-step algorithms, ready-made scripts and the latest business automation systems on the Internet

For me, EnergyMax is an opportunity to give people health, success and financial independence".

Our mission is to create an environment in which people can build a stable, profitable business for many years.

I sincerely believe that everyone is talented and everyone can achieve their goals.

And all together, as one big team, we will improve the nation and give our children a bright future.

"Подари мне миллион"

"Бизнес без стартового капитала",

"Магнит для инвесторов"

"Как создать идею, обреченную на успех"

- посетили более 5000 человек.

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