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EnergyMax company presents to your attention a revolutionary, patented product-Maxilin!


It is the world's first antibiotic-resistant lactic acid probiotic.

Leading Soviet biotechnologists have been developed long, which resulted in the creation of a unique drug, called "Maxilin", from the words: Maximum strength.


This product is a live bacterium that protects the baby's fetus from all infections and viruses during the ripening period. Nature itself has endowed all living beings with this bacterium, so the scientists themselves called it a "gift of nature."

Scientists have done the impossible - they have not only been able to preserve this bacterium but also made it resistant to all kinds of antibiotics. Thus creating the world's only natural probiotic with similar properties.

The main function and feature of Maxilin is the creation of a unique microflora in which pathogenic and putrid microorganisms die. At the same time, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and genitals system is normalized, improves the exchange process in the body.

It is also indicated, after taking drugs-antibiotics, chemotherapy, hormones and radiation effects.

Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, PP, E, C, Biotin, and other micro-and macroelements in the product are helped the body to improve immunity and cope with infections. It has no contraindications. It is recommended for children from an early age.


Daily use of Maxilin will reliably protect your immune system, and all kinds of allergies, colds will bypass your family. This is a real elixir for health, beauty and long life.

Indications for use Maxilin:

Diarrheal diseases (salmonellosis, pick infections, etc)



Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc.)

Gastrointestinal system diseases (gastritis, ulcer, heartburn, dysbacteriosis)


Liver disease


Chronic pancreatitis

Genital system diseases


Metabolic disorder

All types of intoxication

Reduced immunity


Pantothenic acid (mg)                    7500

Nicotinic acid (mg)                      20000

Folic acid (mg)                            750

Biotin (mg)                                                 100

Choline chloride (mg)                                     100000

Iron (mg)                                                 25000

Manganese (mg)                                           25000

Copper (mg)                                                     5000

Zinc (mg)                                                     25000

Calcium (mg)                                              175000

Iodine (mg)                                                         750

Cobalt (mg)                                                250

Selenium (mg)                                                   100

Antioxidant (mg)                                     1000

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